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CS-Cart B2B & B2C este o platformă profesională de comerț electronic realizată a construi magazine online destinate producătorilor și companiilor en-gros.

Cu softul de comerț electronic CS-Cart B2B, puteți automatiza cu ușurință procesul de achiziție și cooperarea cu cumpărătorii. Nu mai există operațiuni manuale!

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Why Start a B2B E-Commerce Store on CS-Cart

If you’re running a manufacturing facility and selling your products to businesses or you’re a wholesale company, you need to automate the purchasing process. The easier and faster your purchasers can buy from you, the more they are satisfied and the bigger the chance they will stay with you. CS-Cart can help you build an effective and easy-to-use B2B eCommerce store.

Close storefronts, hide prices

Close your B2B storefront to hide products and prices from unauthorized users. To see the catalog, a buyer needs to log in to the store. This feature also helps to strengthen the moderation—the admin will check registered purchasers manually.

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Close storefronts, hide prices

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Personal prices for purchasers

Personal prices for purchasers

You can create user groups with different privileges in your b2b online store. For example, create two different groups for small and big wholesale buyers and set individual discounts for them. If a product has a discount already, it can be ignored—the buyer only gets the individual discount.

Another cool feature here is Client tiers. It assigns a purchaser to a privileged user group when they spend a certain amount of money. It greatly automates the price formation for purchasers. You can even schedule the regular user group update via CRON.

Easy integration with third-party services

CS-Cart B2B & B2C features a powerful API, which allows you to integrate the b2b ecommerce platform with any third-party service: accounting systems to update prices automatically, CRM to get more orders and keep in touch with your purchasers, ERP, EDI, ads, analytics, and whatnot. Create a powerful, perfectly working b2b ecommerce ecosystem with CS-Cart in its core.

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Easy integration with third-party services

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Multiple storefronts

Multiple storefronts

With CS-Cart, you can create an unlimited number of storefronts and manage them via one administration panel. The cool thing about it is that you are free to configure storefronts independently: the look and feel, products, prices, payment and shipping options, pages, and other parameters.

For example, create two storefronts: for B2C and B2B. Set different prices, product descriptions, remove online checkout from the B2B storefront and even close it for unauthorized users. On the B2C storefront, create promotions for end customers and on the B2B—for companies (promotion rules for B2C and B2B can differ a lot). Now, you literally have two independent stores managed from one admin panel.

Multiple users in one customer account

The purchasers can create multi-user accounts. As a rule, the purchasing process in companies involves more than one person. For example, a manager creates an order, a supervisor checks it and pays, and an accounting guy works with the papers. No need to share account credentials—they all can work in one account as different users.

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Multiple users in one customer account

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Warehouses


This feature comes in handy when you have several warehouses. Warehouses can have a different number of items in stock, and the delivery period from different warehouses can differ a lot. The purchasers need to know the exact number of items in stock and the delivery time. And you need to track the inventory separately in every warehouse. That’s exactly what this function does—informs purchasers and helps you track inventory in warehouses.

Administration privileges

CS-Cart allows registering employees and set different levels of access to the admin panel. For instance, your web designer can work on the look-and-feel of the store while managers communicate with purchasers and process orders.

Let’s say you have two storefronts: a storefront with electric power tools and a storefront with lightning fixtures. These are specific niches—a manager needs to be familiar with these products to sell them. Just assign a power tool specialist to the first storefront and a lightning specialist to the second one. They will work in the same admin panel but they will not interfere with each other.

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Administration privileges

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Fast order creation in the admin panel

Fast order creation in the admin panel

Create orders manually in the admin panel without even touching the mouse. Your managers will be able to quickly create orders for purchasers talking to them on the phone.

From our customers’ experience, some purchasers don’t want to order via the website—they just got used to call and order via phone. In CS-Cart, all the orders—placed by purchasers on a website and on the phone—are gathered and processed in one place. No mess, no confusion.

Easy re-ordering

Let’s say you sell consumables to factories—cleaning agents, office supplies, and other products that need to be regularly re-ordered. Purchasers can re-order the same products with the same quantity by just clicking one button in the customer account. No need to form orders from scratch every time.

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Easy re-ordering

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Product variations

Product variations

Product variations are a perfect tool to effectively demonstrate your product range to the purchasers and help them pick the right product from a range of similar products. You are free to show variations as separate catalog items or group variations under the parent product.

Variations are generated automatically based on product features. Let’s say you sell a smartphone. It has three colors—black, blue, and white, and storage capacity of 32 and 64 GB. Color and storage capacity are smartphone features. Combine these features and generate variations in a single mouse click—no need to create separate products from scratch. Variations are configured as separate products with individual prices, quantity, and other parameters. Purchasers can find variations though search and filtering.

Price list downloading

Purchasers can download the price list right from their b2b customer accounts. The cool thing is that the price list shows actual prices for the purchaser, taking into account individual discounts. Moreover, a purchaser can download the price list from the cart. This price list only contains cart products. The purchaser just forms a sales proposal from it and sends it to the ultimate buyer.

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Price list downloading

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: In-stock notifications for purchasers

In-stock notifications for purchasers

If a product is out of stock, you can allow the purchasers to order in advance or subscribe to the in-stock notification. This way, a purchaser doesn’t need to check your website daily to know if the product is in stock again. The purchaser will receive the notification to the mailbox once you have the product.

Low-stock notifications for admins

To offer your purchasers the best service, you need to refill your warehouse before the product runs out of stock. Low-stock notifications can help you keep track of the number of items left in stock. Once the number decreases to a defined threshold, you will know that it’s time to refill the stock.

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Low-stock notifications for admins

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Personal manager information block

Personal manager information block

Thanks to a flexible layout editor, you can add, delete, and arrange content on your store pages. You are free to add blocks with products, special offers, banners, and whatnot. You can also add a block with any HTML content to any page. For example, show a block with a personal manager’s name, photo, and phone number on the purchaser’s account page.

Add products to cart in bulk

Companies usually buy products in bulk, so it’s important to optimize the order formation process to make it faster. The Add products to cart in bulk feature allows purchasers to quickly add a big number of items at once to the cart. They can do it right on the product category page.

Let’s assume a purchaser is ordering 100 items of different cooking equipment at once. Just imagine how many times the guy will need to click the Add to cart button and then return to the category page over and over again. That’s a huge waste of time. With the Add products to cart in bulk feature, the purchaser ticks the product checkboxes on a convenient product list and clicks the Add to cart button just once. Time saver!

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Add products to cart in bulk

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: 45 product parameters

45 product parameters

CS-Cart features a flexible product configuration page that offers over 45 product properties to configure. For example, you can set the minimum order quantity for cases of soda to 20, so that purchasers could buy a minimum of 20 cases of soda or more.

Automatic invoice generation

After a purchaser places the order, CS-Cart automatically generates the invoice. If then a purchaser adds or deletes products from the order, the invoice is updated regenerated according to new order details. This feature greatly saves time on paperwork.

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Automatic invoice generation

CS-Cart B2B ecommerce software features: Order status notifications

Order status notifications

When the order status changes, a purchaser receives a notification to the mailbox. This way, the purchaser always knows what’s happening with the order. They don’t worry about the order, they don’t call you all the time and you both feel comfortable. Moreover, you can alter the text of the notifications to establish a better relationship with the purchaser.

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